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Thursday, June 02, 2005

The skies are clearing.....

in more ways than one. I saw the sun peek out a few minutes ago. I think our flood may soon be ending. :) Scattered showers in the forecast today. At least the boys can get out and run for awhile.

And the skies are clearing in relation to the Greeks and Ancient myths. I need to do more praying and talking to Popeye but I do feel much better since I have received some comments about it. I am REALLY feeling the lack of education on my part coming through when it comes to this. Did you know (thanks, Mungo) that no matter which educational philosophy you follow in homeschooling OR in public schools that the Ancient writings help to understand literature and art? Where was I? I guess I was there, but it was never explained to me. I never understood literature! I vaguely remember reading some Greek myths and doing the required "comprehension questions". But I didn't learn how it all fit together. And in college? Those memories are so fuzzy I have no idea WHAT I learned. Except for reading The Great Gatsby and I couldn't tell you what that was about either!

Anyhoo, I think I have a handle on this now.....or I'm beginning to.


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