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Monday, May 16, 2005

Today made me realize....

that I'm not sure how much of this "less but deeper" theology I can realistically implement in our schooling. I think I'm creating my own "brand" of classical education....somewhere between Latin-centered and neo-classical.

Today's lessons went well. But, my instincts are telling me that I just need to maneuvre our classes to what fits best. I DO feel that Latin and math should be the basis of our education (and Bible goes without saying), but doing those things this morning as well as a few other basics took us all morning. AND I really, really, really want to finish out the Story of the World series. The boys love them so. So, just where do I fit in Classical Studies? What about studying about the Greeks myths like I had planned? What about all these BEAUTIFUL books just sitting on my shelf to read to Sweet Pea 2? And those English Studies by Hawthorne?

All of that REALLY strikes my fancy, but there are just NOT enough hours in the day. So, I think I'll go with Plan B. We will cover our basics in the mornings and then afternoons will be devoted to history or science and/or reading aloud our books for English Studies or Greek myths or...... I think I can work that out. I am going to take this year as World History but with an emphasis on American history when we get to that time period. Sweet Pea 1 is already biting at the bullet to start Chemistry; "Mom, I just LOVE Chemistry." How does he know? He has been reading the New True books.

I do want this next year to be more about fun, so I'm just going to throw it all up in the air and whatever lands on top will be it! LOL


At 10:35 PM, Anonymous Lisa said...

Agreed! Let's not kill ourselves...what works best for us is what IS best.

As long as we do our best...the Lord will take care of all the rest!

Love ya!

At 10:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My motto (well, one of them) is "Screw Labels"! You do what works. Just because you're doing one thing doesn't mean you can't do another. Adapt, edit, combine to your heart's content. *You're* the expert on your family.


At 1:53 PM, Blogger Classical Home said...

Once upon a time, my older son was on a New True Books kick. We'd scour the library for new titles, and carry home a towering stack every week.
There's a lot of great information packed into those little books!



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