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Saturday, May 14, 2005

The crying is over...

Can I use the excuse for whining in my last few posts of having hormonal fluctations? I hope so! LOL I should know BETTER than to even TRY to think then!

Well, I'm back to being my old self now. Good for everyone! Sweet Pea 1 and 2 will be happy. They are off fishing with Popeye right now. I'm feeling a new leaf starting to turn over. Or should it be more like I was in a holding pattern for awhile and now I'm ready to move on? Yeah, I think that is more like it.

Ready to move on....ready for a new week to get here, ready to get GLAD to exercise, ready to be excited about eating healthy, ready to finish up our last full week of school for the year. READY!

Even when we finish our last few days, we will still have a couple of things that aren't finished (like our Story of the World 2). The boys have heard the whole book on tape so I'm not too concerned about it but I think we will keep reading some of those over the course of our time off. They really like those maps. We also will have some science to finish but if we don't, Sweet Pea 1 will read it on his own.

I'd still like some more input on the goals issue, if you have any. I think I'll look for some homeschool forms about goals. I also read that there are some end-of-the-year evaluation forms on that site. I have to write up those evaluations (per state requirements). I haven't done last year's yet. (SHHHHHH!!!!! Don't tell!!)


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