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Friday, May 13, 2005

Sitting here feeling guilty.....

I've just been reading Poppins blog. I'm jealous and I'm feeling guilty. I LOVE, LOVE her geography idea that she will be doing. But I've already spent WAY too much money and need to spend a little more before the new year's planning is over. My boys would love to do something like this....hmmm...I wonder if I could be a copy "cat" and pull something together like this for the summer?

I love her time machine idea!!! Today, I was seriously considering taking the whole summer off instead of just 6 weeks. We were going to start our new year on July 11th. The public schools don't start back until Aug. 1 or some time around there. That is when we would start back if I take the summer off....that would be 9 weeks off....doable and not too bad I guess. We can always have one light review day each week.

You know where the guilt comes in? Because I'm GLUED to this STUPID computer!!!!!!! I can't get away from it! I'm addicted! HOW do I break this? I love reading on it my library; my communication link with a few friends.

On Sunday Sweet Pea 1 made something in Sunday School resembling a pinwheel. It was for Mother's Day. One blank that he had to fill in said "You are good at _______" Each "spoke" had a line to fill in: "I will pray for you to ___"; I will obey when ____". Do you know what he said I'm good at???? Being on the computer.

Now do I want my children to remember me for "being on the computer"? NO! I've GOT to start putting them first during the daylight hours and doing something. We do read in the afternoons sometimes if they aren't playing outside. I think I'll make a new "pact" with myself to only be on the computer certain hours of the day...or something. I've got to limit this time.....but I'm so afraid I'll MISS something! And I children's lives.


At 12:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Penny! I only spent money on the Geography book and the puzzle - and both of those are optional! You can print off continent maps from Enchanted Learning, glue them to posterboard and cut them up yourself. You can ILL the Geography book or the FBI has a nice little summary of national info for all nations online.

EVERYTHING else I either owned or got from the library.

RE: computer. I'm there with you. Or, more accurately, I'm *here* with you. It's a balance issue - my need for adult interaction and their need for me. Don't feel lots of guilt. Do your best, turn the computer off at certain times, and sometimes make yourself 'earn' computer time - you can't go on until you're played a board game with them, etc.

But think of it this way - for the vast majority of homeschoolers, this is our professional developement. By being on the computer you're modelling research and professional networking. If you were reading a physical page (ie, a letter or a magazine) would you feel this guilt?


At 12:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, and I forgot to say that with Unit Studies I always feel such a pressure to get the exact resouces the other person used and I feel deprived without them. But they're just books/CDs whatever, and adaptation isn't 'second best'. I try to remember to keep the focus on the content and not the resources.



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