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Monday, June 06, 2005

Where do these kids come from???

Well, today was not a good day. It was fine as far as our summer school schedule goes. But I can sure tell that the child Sweet Pea 1&2 were hanging out with today leaves MUCH to be desired. I think he may have to be "busy" or I'll take them to the park ALL day or SOMETHING when she is here visiting her dad. Words that Sweet Pea 1 thought were innocent have now become words that some people use as "bad" words. It just breaks my heart. I'm just going to have to find something to do away from the house when she is here....luckily, she doesn't come that often because of dad's weird work schedule. And I'm sure the big kids down the block that come into our street to play have said this word too. I remember hearing them one time....I'll just have to bring the boys in when those guys are out there....sigh.

Things are shaping up for our next school year to start officially in a few weeks. But before then Popeye and I are going to take a romantic getaway for a weekend in North Carolina. I can't wait!!! I gotta get my planning finished for the next year before we go, so that will be my goal for the next two weeks. We are going to try a year round 3 weeks on, 1 week off schedule.....just keep the learning going and going and going and going.


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