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Friday, August 12, 2005

A nice ending to the week....but a tough couple of days.

It has been a tough couple of days with the boys. Sweet Pea 1 has been flying off the handle and I haven't been much better! I can handle myself fine, but when he gets angry, I just lose it! I don't LIKE it when I get so wound up and yelling. I can feel my heart rate just SHOOT up; I get hot; I tighten my jaw....not fun. I'm praying and praying, and trying to find solutions for SP1 and myself. But on to the good stuff.

I have been released of any guilt in not getting EVERYTHING done that is on my schedule. That is one thing I LOVE about the traditional classical method. If I cover math and Latin, the rest is gravy. :) We ended this week with devotions, short piano practice, 2 math games, a little practical latin, the reading of the story of Noah's ark and we were done!!!! We did read some of Narnia tonight. We also made a Cross necklace that goes with our American History studies. It was frustrating at first because the cord that came in our kit from Hand and Hearts wouldn't go through the glass beads. I even tried a tapestry needle but the cord was too large to go through the eye. We finally decided to see if we anything in my sewing supplies that would work....and I did. So everyone was happy then.

Popeye's birthday was today. So we sugared ourselves up with ice cream and cake....I say that is a nice way to end our week!


At 1:22 PM, Blogger u said...

Praying for you and SP1 to find ways to resolve your tensions...


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