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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I'm being naughty!!!

We celebrated the public school kids going back to school today by going to a movie. I was really torn between March of the Penguins and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Actually, Charlie wasn't even "on my list" until Sweet Pea 1 said he wanted to see it. I asked around and read reviews because I heard there were some "dark" elements to it. I talked to my friend A. and her sister had taken her children to see it and they all loved it. I know A. and her sister and respect their opinions so I took my chances. We LOVED it! Of course, A. and I caught a lot of the references to the Beatles song (All My Loving) and to the movie Psycho and a few other things that were thrown in that went RIGHT over the boys' heads. But, really, what is "dark" to one, is not "dark" to all. There were 2 scenes that I would not want sensitive children to see, but other than that, I thought everything was fine. Nothing "dark" to me. So, if you are wanting to see this, I recommend previewing it yourself. One mom online said that the orthodontic headgear that Willy Wonka wore as a boy would have just "done it" for her daughter. My boys thought nothing of it. One mom thought there was a "dark relationship between Willy and his father". Granted, his father probably wasn't the best father, but there were only two scenes with his father (when Willy was a boy). One was when he wouldn't let Willy have the candy he received trick or treating and the other was when Willy said he wanted to be a chocolateer and his father said "No son of mine will sell candy" (or something like that) and Willy said "Fine then, I'll run away from home." So take it for what you will. We liked it and will probably rent it or go see it again at the .99 movie theatre when Popeye can go with us.


At 7:49 AM, Blogger u said...

Now that is an interesting way to celebrate 'back to school' :)

Glad you all enjoyed the movie! Have you ever heard of ? They have VERY detailed movie reviews....when you visit there it asks if you want to join, just click on no or whatever and you'll get right would be very surprised at some of the reviews to a lot of movies that most people don't even 'catch' on the first viewing....I've not looked this movie up yet...but sounds like you guys enjoyed it! :)

At 8:04 AM, Blogger Olive Oyl/Pensguys said...

I do need to admit that some people think this movie is WEIRD. There were 2 scenes that were not really for kids because they were sort of scary. One is where one of the girls decides she wants a squirrel. They attack her "checking to see if she is a good nut" or not. It looks like they are hurting her but they aren't. The other is when the dolls catch on fire....I just explained to my ds that it was a malfunction and he was fine. There were also fireworks which could have been a cause of the fire. My boys were fine with it andI don't have any qualms about letting them see it. Your mileage may vary. :)

Yes, I have heard of screen it. I also use pluggedinonline.


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