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Monday, July 25, 2005

Revisiting T-tapp

Someone wanted me to blog about T-tapp when I first started my blog and I haven't said much about it in quite awhile.

I joined a group on T-tapp called Habit Formers. I did this back in January. I thought it would give me good accountability. It did for awhile, but for my personality, it caused me to get VERY burned out on T-tapp. I am proud of the fact that I have not STOPPED exercising at ALL since I started using T-tapp last October, but I have not been the most diligent user either. I have gone to only two workouts some weeks. As a part of Habit Formers, you must do 3 full body workouts per week AND 3 shorter workouts per week. That meant 6 days of exercise per week. I got serious burnout. I think I probably would have been fine if not for the contests I kept entering and extras I would add on. I got to a point where I was dreading my workouts and that isn't a good thing.

Then one person on the website posted about how just a four day bootcamp (a full body workout done four consecutive days) can shake up your body and then you can get started with Every Other Day workouts from there. So that is what I did. I did the four day bootcamp with a group of ladies online and we each posted if we completed our workout each day. I'm pretty inspired now. I lost 5 inches over those four days. And quite a few of those where I REALLY needed it. Now I'm going for Every Other Day for a few weeks and see what happens. Today was day one of my EOD schedule. Monday, Wednesday and Friday will be work workout days for now with Long workouts. Then in another 5-6 weeks, we'll do another bootcamp.

This is the only exercise I've ever done where I can tell a difference so quickly. I haven't lost any more weight but my clothes are fitting looser.....THAT means I'm gaining muscle! YEA!!! Definitely a good thing. One day this fat will day.


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