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Friday, July 08, 2005

The pool.....maybe

Tomorrow MAY be the day that we actually get the pool up! Our "box" is built, a copious amount of dirt is there and it is pretty close to being level. We need to add a few more wheelbarrow-loads of dirt in the uneven spots....then wrestle that pool into place!

I know we'll hit two more snags along the way. When we first got the pool, Sweet Pea 2 was dragging it around the yard, which is NOT an easy task....and he punctured the bottom. I patched it up but I need to check that out before we start putting water in. AND the ring around the top needs to be blown up...but there is a TEENY, TINY pinhole there. Patchkit is ready, but where is that HOLE??? sigh....maybe we'll get it done before it is time to take it down again!


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