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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Day 4....pool

Things are looking up with the pool. Popeye was off to Lowes and bought some 12 ft. boards. We are digging a "trench" and laying the board on the skinny 12 ft side then filling it back in with dirt. One board on each side of the "box", then we will nail another on the bottom side of the box. The top side will just be the point from where we started digging. Once the left trench is dug, board laid, trench filled, the rest should be pretty easy....nailing the other board on the end and just filling the "box" with dirt to have our platform (gotta level it though).

I'm still nervous about this pool since we've had such a difficult time with it, but as long as we have no more than a 3 degree slope (according to the directions) everything should be fine.

Wouldn't you know though that rain is in the forecast for all next week???? AND we are going out of town on Friday through Sunday so there will be no swimming for this family for at LEAST another week. :(

Popeye said this will be like that Visa commercial: "Pool, $98; Lumber to make a "box" to support pool $200; Destroyed Deck, $500; Family time together, Priceless".


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