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Friday, June 10, 2005


It was another wonderful evening with my homeschool mom friends. We all use different styles of homeschooling (although all bordering on eclectic), but it was so fun. I was once again encouraged to pursue Latin and Greek with a vigor. I was not looking for her or anyone's approval on this, but just in the course of conversation, she was encouraging me because of the good that Latin will do for my children in all areas of their lives. To steal someone else's phrase (a nod to I can't remember who that the moment-sorry) Latin is the "secret spy language of languages". And that alone thrills Sweet Pea 1. Greek is "cool" to him because of the symbols (another spy language). I had decided to put Greek on hold until we had a good handle on Latin, but I believe that we will be able to start that sometime this fall or winter. Even if it is just as simple as teaching Sweet Pea 1 the symbols and the sounds they make--for now.

This reassurance gives me the push I need to keep going in this creates a bigger flame from the spark in my soul.


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