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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Standing up for what is right......

I received the homeschooling packet from our county Board of Education. Our county has their act together enough where once you call them and say that you are wanting to receive the information about homeschooling, you will always receive a packet until you notify then you are not homeschooling anymore. In the packet is a copy of the law for the state of GA, a copy of the board's policies, a Declaration of Intent to have a Home Study Program and copies of the attendance report we are to turn in once a month. The law in GA states that we are to provide the student's name and age to the school board. ....and that's IT. Well, when I received the packet, I noticed there was an extra form which said "This will help us keep our records. Please fill this out and return it with your Declaration of Intent." This form wanted the child's name, age and birthday. There was also a line on the Declaration of Intent itself for our phone number. Now, I do not believe there is anything malicious behind this. I have spoken to the lady in charge of all the paperwork for the homeschoolers. She is a VERY nice lady.....BUT she is still the government.

I decided immediately that I would not fill in my phone number nor return the form. There are several families in my area who are doing the same. Then I decided that I had to get the word out to those that may not know the law and think it is ok to give the added inforation. I called the leader of a group in my area and she thinks there is nothing wrong with it; they are just doing their job. I spoke with several ladies in my area on a yahoo group and several said it was the "Christian" thing to do. I feel that it is the proverbial frog in the kettle who cooks little by little without even realizing it.

So, I stood up and decided to do something about it. I called the Home School Legal Defense Association. I will be faxing the packet which I received to them so that the lawyer who handles the business in GA can take a look at it. I really don't want to "rock the boat" with the BOE here because there does seem to be good feelings between us as homeschoolers and the person working for the county. I just can't feel good though about those "giving in" when it is a clear violation of our privacy.

Granted, these two little items (birthday and phone number) aren't big things to get upset over. I just feel there is a principle at stake here.

I'll keep you posted on what happens next.


At 6:59 AM, Anonymous Lea said...

North Carolina tends to be the same way with info... their suggestions tend to read like mandates...good for you for standing up for Ga homeschollers...


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