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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Mandatory Preschool....loosening the bonds

Which Mother's Day Out is your son going to? Oh, don't you need the time away? Which Pre-K plan is your child in?

Here (full article) is what Michael Smith said in the Washington Post.

In the drive to ensure that our children receive the best education, we are in danger of overinstitutionalizing them. A child will develop naturally if the parents give the child what he or she needs most in the formative years -- plenty of love and attention. In this way, the brain can develop freely, and when the child is ready, he or she can begin formal schooling.

The best early-childhood education is in the home. Children's educational, emotional and psychological needs can be provided by their parents in a safe home environment where the children can pursue their own interests without distractions. Then home education could become the natural outworking of the preschool years.


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