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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Simplicity and new goal.

I'm busily in the throws of planning our next school year. I've decided to have some fun. Who CARES how long it takes us to get through a certain phase of history? I've been beating my head against some arbitrary wall trying to stuff EVERYTHING into this timeframe of 9-10 months that we school. Who CARES if I don't go through the cycle of World History 3 times EXACTLY?!

My new mode of education has become the more traditional classical education....This versus the neoclassical, heavy liberal arts approach of Well-Trained Mind. Don't get me wrong though. I do really like quite a bit of what the authors of WTM have to say in their book, but now I'm taking a slight detour and trying to discover what actually came BEFORE a neoclassical education.

Then I start thinking, "well, the traditional classical education is about less, but going more deeply." So, I've decided instead of stressing about less or more, we're just going to have fun while keeping a classical emphasis.

We will be doing Memoria Press' Classical Studies (Greek) and Truthquest's American History. I've decided if I don't get through it all in one year that is ok. I'm going to throw in the fun things that work around here....the hands-on additions. Those things that make a NON hands-on mom shiver with fright (yep, that is ME)! I'm buying kits and History Pockets to help with this endeavor. We are even going to start a notebook timeline because Sweet Pea 1 understands these things. Fun, fun and more fun!


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