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Monday, April 25, 2005

Today is another day....

The last 5 weeks of our school year start today. I'm so burned out and tired. Ready for a BIG break. We did take all last week off which helped some. Since I'm so intrigued with Latin and math being the center of our education, I might just cut back to just that along with reading and piano for another week and see how I feel. Sweet Pea 1 fights me tooth and nail when it comes to our spelling program. I think that is part of the reason for my burn out. He says "I never get time to play". I have reminded him how he would have a lot less time in regular school. I think he is just ready for a big break too.

I decided this year that we would go to a pretty much year round schedule with breaks here and there (about every 5-6 weeks or so) and it has worked out nicely. We will be finishing up one week after the public schools here do. I had really intended on going about 2 weeks past that, taking 4 weeks off, and starting our new school year July 11. I will have all the required days in for the State reporting so I think instead of my original plan we will take 6 weeks off and start our new year July 11. We can still read (which we always do) and that is some of the best learning. Teach them to read and then can learn forever.


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