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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Now you may ask....

WHAT do cats have to do with Classical education? In a word? NOTHING! :) I just happen to like cats (you can see the pix of my sweet kitties in the photo album on the sidebar). Also I'm not too imaginative when it comes to naming blogs or what have you. I figured I would combine two things that I like and here I am.

Today is going well. As usual, I stayed up too late and got up too late so any type of "time schedule" is off, but it is working out well. We will have the main subjects completed by lunchtime and the rest is just icing on the classical cake. We are really enjoying our Latin studies. Prima is working out so well for us. Even Sweet Pea 2 is picking up some words here and there. Although I doubt I can get the little guys to use "Mea Culpa" anytime soon! LOL At least for everything we do I can say "Deo Gratias"....for those that don't know Latin...Mea Culpa = My fault and Deo Gratias = Thanks be to God.


At 4:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And here I thought it was because you were such cool cats!



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