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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

"Act as if"....

Act as if the maxim of your action were to become through your will a general natural law.

Immanuel Kant, FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES OF THE METAPHYSICS OF ETHICS, German philosopher (1724 - 1804)

I think I'm living by this phrase nowadays....maybe not the whole thing, but I keep repeating to myself "Act as if, act as if"....I don't know if it is hormonal shifts or seasonal shifts or what, but I have to "act as if" I want to be thin by eating the right foods; "act as if" I enjoy teaching school and to not even go that far, "act as if" I WANT to do it! I have to "act as if" I like exercising right now, "act...", "act...", "act...".

I think Dr. Phil said this too one time? I'm not really a fan of his OR Oprah's but I have seen him on occasion on her show in the past. I have to keep remembering this though....and hopefully one day soon, I will just do it all again because I like it and not just because I'm acting.


At 2:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You mean I'm not the only one who has to psych myself up to eat, say, salad? ;) -Mungo


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