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Friday, August 26, 2005

Fantastic Fun Friday

In my last blog entry (yes, I know it has been awhile, but I've been busy TEACHING!:)), was was working on revising "THE PLAN". It has now been modified and it is working GREAT! I just need to add that American History in there and we'll be off and running FULL speed. I guess you could say we are full speed now more or less and things are clicking along great.

I decided to make Fridays Fantastic Fun Days! Sweet Pea 2 doesn't think we do Fun days as well as the local public school. But I'm NOT going to let that deter me.

We did still do some work but it was in the form of games for the most part. We started off with devotions as usual. Then we had to run out to the "big truck" to get our Natural Food order which was being delivered. We came home for SP1 to practice piano while SP2 played trains upstairs. SP1 did his Latin in form of cool puzzles in the Activity Book from Classical Academic Press (Latin for Children). I did give him one math fact sheet to work on too. Then he got to read about Christopher Columbus. SP2 and I read his spelling words and I had him write a couple, then we played a few math games. We listened to Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries and Vivaldi's Four Seasons and talked about Vivaldi. These were the first 2 tracks on the Story of the Orchestra CD/book. We listened while reading poetry from Favorite Poems Old and New. Then it was off to lunch at Wendy's (Yes, I know, it is NOT the healthiest thing out there!) and roller skating with one of the local homeschool groups. I enjoyed today even if the Peas did not. They did like it though, but they would DIE before they admitted it! I want to work a little art into our Friday and I'm not sure how to get that in. I think it will work on those weeks that we don't have to pick up our food order. That took an hour that I did NOT have to waste truck driver so things moved slower than normal. All in all, I say it was a good day. Now, I'm off to have Italian Lemon Wedding Cake and coffee with a couple of friends at Barnes and Noble....ahhhhh!


At 11:04 PM, Blogger u said...

Your friday's sound fun! Glad to hear you got your plan all worked out...I just this afternoon totally redid all of my scheduling and my home management binder...I think it will suit us much better.


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