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Friday, February 17, 2006

A little update....

Just a little update to let you know how the Knitting Olympics knitting is going. So far, so good.

Sock #1 is now finished and you can see the picture of it below. Sock #2 is about 1/4 of the way complete. I'm not worried about finishing it in time UNTIL I throw in the factor that I start a NEW sock class on Tuesday night and I'll have homework that will need to be completed before the NEXT Tuesday night. One good thing about this Local Yarn Store (LYS) though...the lady that teaches quite a few of the knitting classes is usually always there working or teaching on Tuesday nights. Even if I don't finish the first sock in the 4 weeks of class, she'll be there for me to come to.

Have I mentioned this LYS before? I don't think I have. It is GREAT! A very nice sized store with a BIG table for all the knitters to sit around and just knit. This table has seating for 10 people. There is also a small sitting area for 3-4 people near the table. I have really enjoyed my Tuesday nights going to knit with the ladies that come by. There are several "regulars" that come each week.

The yarn that this store carries is FABULOUS! Some is very pricey and some is around the same cost as what I can find online (Knitpicks excluded). I just love to go and touch all the yarn and dream about all the projects I want to knit someday!

Oh! I got my yarn winder today! I found a really good deal on one at It was $29.99 with free shipping. I can't wait to get to my stash and have all these nice little cakes of yarn sitting in my baskets. Yarn winders really are pretty expensive. Most of them have been around $40-60 so I was glad when I found this one (with good reviews) at Joanns. I rearranged my stash the other day. I'll have to post a picture tomorrow. Popeye is sleeping now, and I don't think he would appreciate me turning on the lights! ;)

This is supposed to be a homeschooling blog.....or is it? Hmmm...Oh, well; it is MY blog so I'm officially declaring this blog to be about homeschooling, knitting, cats and just whatever I want to talk about!


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