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Friday, January 13, 2006

I'm here....sort of....

I guess I'm just not so good with this blog thing. I really started it as a place to type up my thoughts. I didn't know anyone would actually want to READ them!

I've been busy knitting and finishing the hats for the boys. I'll get pix posted soon. I'm starting a sock knitting class on Tues night AND the boys want me to knit has been 70 degrees here lately? Do you REALLY need a scarf NOW? They may have to wait on the scarves until I get the socks complete...we'll see. If I use big needles it will go fast!!

On the school front, I've been re-vamping AGAIN. Things just were not working out. I was tired and hating school, and the boys were grumpy about it so after Sweet Pea 1 and I had a discussion, we decided that self-teaching may be the route for least for now. So, I switched him over to Singapore Math (did I say this already?) and he is doing VERY well...even stumping ME on the word problems this morning! LOL I've ordered Robinson Curriculum and we are going to focus on vocabulary and good books. He has been reading for 30-40 mins per day in science and history related topics. Latin is shelved until April once we have time to get used to our new schedule/routine. I've added in some English Grammar that is self-teaching and Writing Trails in American History. I think this is a nice prelude to Classical Writing-Aesop. So he'll work through some of those and then we'll go back to CW either in the Summer or Fall.

Sweet Pea 2 is coming along very well in his studies....mainly because I now have consistent time to devote to him.

That's all folks!!!


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