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Friday, February 17, 2006

Knitting Podcasts

I've developed a new addiction (and for some reason I'm really chatty tonight!)....KNITTING PODCASTS. I remarked to Popeye one night that we need to catch up with technology and get an iPod one day. He said we could get a free mp3 player because OfficeDepot would give us one if we ordered so much in office we did! I LOVE it!!!!! It only holds 119M but that is over 3 hours of downloads. What I've learned to do is download the podcasts to my hard drive and then copy onto my mp3. Then all it takes is a plug and a click for me to retrive the next few downloads and I'm ready to go again! I hope to one day have an iPod with more memory, but for now, this works fine.

Anyway, back to podcasts.....Cast-on is one of my favorites so far. I don't really agree with Brenda Dayne's political thoughts or lifestyle, but I do enjoy her knitting and talking about I listen. Her voice is smooth and really nice to listen to. She has music on her podcasts too that is podfree (new artists that are good but not signed with record labels..yet). You can even listen to these just on your computer. That is how I started before Popeye was so sweet to me!

Another podcast that I enjoy is About Time with Whit Larson. Well, I might as well tell you the others too, right? I have only listened to About Time, Cast on, Knitting News, KnitCast and Pointy Sticks. I haven't even caught up on all the episodes, but I intend to! I'm almost finished listening to Cast-on's older episodes with a new one coming out tomorrow morning!

I just love knitting now and can't think of ever putting it down!


At 4:26 AM, Anonymous Christine said...

I would love your feedback on the PointySticks podcast - I hope you enjoyed it! There is a new episode out now - finally! :D Hopefully from now on they will be every 1-2 weeks on the button. (Oh my, I'm using too many exclamation points today!)

At 3:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to be Anon...Gina from WTM Knit list.

My DH got a Best Buy gift card for doing a friend's business web site. He bought me a Ipod Nano! Like you, I've developed a Podcast addiction. I love doing housework while I listen. This is odd for me because I don't like talk radio. I load up my Ipod for times when I have to wait for kids activities. My favorite is Whit Larsen.

At 7:42 AM, Blogger Olive Oyl/Pensguys said...

Isn't it funny, Gail? I don't mind housework either when I can listen to these! LOL


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