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Friday, September 02, 2005

I'm sure I'm the only one

that has not blogged about Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath.

I haven't blogged on the disaster that has/is taking place in LA, MS, and AL. I have not watched ANY coverage on TV about it and read little online. I have seen many pictures of what has happened and I accidently saw some TV coverage while waiting with Sweet Pea 1 to have his arm x-rayed....another story for another time...he is fine though.

A fellow local homeschooler emailed me and said she just could not look at all those small children and babies that are stuck there in New Orleans. I can't either.

When 9/11 happened, I was glued to the TV. I've learned though that emotionally I can't handle what has happened. Just today when I saw the little bit of TV coverage in New Orleans, I started to cry. I am a very sensitive person....overly so most of the time. It is my nature though. I won't apologize to anyone for that. I even cried when Nemo's mom was eaten in the very FIRST scene of Finding Nemo! Pathetic, aren't I? Oh well. I live with me....and so does poor Popeye! LOL

I have very much sorrow for all those who are going through this unthinkable ordeal. I also have very much anger over what has been happening....and it AIN'T with our government....I'll just leave it at that. It is very hard to listen and read and watch all this but to know that your hands are tied. We have given in various ways to help and will be giving more, but it just never seems to be I have to let what happens happen and just pray for the souls of the lost...


At 8:28 PM, Blogger u said...

Well, now I guess that *I* am the only 1 who has not blogged about Katrina! ;)

Really though I'm with you, I have not allowed myself to watch anything or see any pictures...but I sure am praying...

At 2:58 PM, Blogger Amy said...

Same here. Honestly, I don't think God designed us to see the horror that goes on through the whole world (a la television). It IS too overwhelming. I think God wants us to work right here where we are. So I'm praying for the people down South, and donating money, etc, but I'm not actively worrying about them because that does absolutely NOTHING good for anyone.


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