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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Health care costs

I'm not going to get on a tirade about the cost of health care. But let's just say that I'm not too happy about it right now.

I am very blessed that we have excellent insurance through Popeye's company and without it, who knows what we would do. We aren't a family who normally has a lot of medical bills, but I had something going on which I've been dealing with for over 2 years causing me a lot pain. I did something about it. I had some outpatient surgery on July 27.

The doctor fee was over $2000. With insurance and network discounts that they give him (or however that works), our portion was $168. But can I ask why no one at the hospital or doctor's office told me that we would be getting a bill from the anesthesiologist AND the hospital? I just didn't think about it and neither did Popeye. We had received a letter saying that we had to pay the $168 before X date when I did my pre-op visit. Okay, that's fine, we did it. Nothing else was said about having to pay anything up front to the hospital or that we would be getting a bill in the future from the hospital. We received the bill from the anesthesiologist today....$610 before insurance, $97.60 our part with insurance. YIKES! A couple weeks ago I received an Explanation of Benefits from our insurance company about the hospital bill and about fell OVER! The charges for the hospital for those 5 hours I was there and all they did to me minus the anesthesia was near $10,000. Thank God for our insurance even though I'm NOT pleased with having to pay the 20% that is remaining. That amount came in a bill to us today.....$655.

The following is the conversation between Popeye and myself:
He said, "I thought we paid it already." Me: "Yeah, I did too until I got the insurance explanation; that was the drs. fee." Him: "How much is the hospital?" Me: "$655. I guess that's better than the $10K that it cost without insurance." Him: "I need to take you back."


At 6:12 PM, Blogger Teaching 2 Sons said...

I hear ya on health care cost! :-/

At 11:58 PM, Blogger Patriot said...

I honestly think it's the insurance companies that drive everything up. Hospitals have to charge that much, because they know that the insurance companies (especially the big ones) will only pay a fraction of it. Apparently the insurance is a necessary evil . . .

At 6:50 PM, Blogger Cyndy said...

Just don't think about how much you paid in premiums to the insurance company this year. Okay, now that you are thinking about it doesn't make you wonder why you have to pay anything at all?
I have to say it makes me scared to be sick!


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