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Wear the old coat and buy the new book. --Austin Phelps

Sunday, December 31, 2006



That's how I'm feeling right now....I just want to enjoy these last 2 days before getting to work again. Thank goodness it will be a short week! LOL

Hopefully, we'll just get on autopilot soon and the days will fly by.

We've dropped piano for awhile so that should help all of our attitudes.

So, if you've been wondering why I haven't been posting here about is because I have nothing to say about it. We cover our basics (math, Latin, writing (and phonics for Sweet Pea 2)) and read to get the rest done.

Monday, December 11, 2006

A Meme of 24 Things...minus one

Lover of Dolphins tagged me with this meme, so here goes:

1. What's your weakness? Junk food
2. Are you an emotional person? Yes and sensitive.
3. Are you conceited? Sometimes with the things I am most comfortable with.
4. Ever felt jealous of a friend? Sadly, yes.
5. What was the last thing you did? Called the tag office .
6. Who was the last person you ate with? my sons
7. How many times has your page been viewed? I don't counter.
8. Last person who called you today? My hubby. He's the only who has called today.
10. Last song you sang? Can't remember, but it was a hymn in church yesterday.
11. Last time you danced? Saturday night at dh's work Christmas party.
12. Lost a friendship over something stupid? Yes.
13. Last time you felt truly happy? Saturday night at dh's party dancing with him holding me.
14. Last thing you said out loud? "Get OFF of the computer; you've had enough time."
15. Been really depressed before? Yes.
16. Faked being sick to miss school? No.
17. Current taste? Huh?
18. Do you like the person who previously posted this? YES!
19. What are you wearing right now? green velour sweatsuit with orange shirt
20. Are you too shy to ask anyone out? It has been too long that I don't remember! LOL
21. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? How he is dressed and how he smells.
22. Are you mature or immature? I have my moments.
23. Do you like books? Yes.