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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Stop the discussion?

Now I know why some folks stay away from certain online websites.

Popeye and I have decided to teach our children using Latin-Centered Curriculum guidelines. This seems quite the hot topic on a certain homeschool board. I hope that this discussion makes Andrew a rich man!

I believe I blogged on this topic last year but it bears repeating. Studying the Ancients from Jerusalem, Greece and Rome only enriches us. Were those societies filled with all types of pagan images and perverted actions? Yes. Is our society that we live in NOW filled with the SAME pagan images and perverted actions? I say YES! The Bible itself has stories of adultery, murder, pagan worship, prostitution. How I approach the study of this within the classics is what matters.

I am not as eloquent with words as some of those whom I admire, but I know enough to know that you can't learn about literature of recent times without knowing from WHERE these ideas have come.

Am I convinced that Latin is the best way to learn English grammar? Not yet...I haven't seen it in action. But I'm trusting those who have gone before me. I'm *almost* a convert. ;)


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