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Monday, December 26, 2005

A Finished Object

Since I was out of yarn for the hats, I decided to knit Popeye a scarf. He deserved to have something since he basically foots the bill for all this yarn and needles! (hee hee) I was DYING to try out my new Addi Turbos....I LOVE them! Oh, and I think the scarf turned out nicely too!

Works in Progress

What is a girl supposed to DO if she runs out of yarn and can't start her next project in line? She buys MORE yarn and starts knitting a few dish cloths. I figured I had a few hours in the car so I'd go for it!

Same problem here...ran out of yarn. This is for Sweet Pea 2.

This is Sweet Pea 1's hat in progress...I ran out of yarn of I would have finished.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Waaaaaay past time to update....

I am SO sorry I've been MIA....haven't felt like talking but I've had some various things going on. I'd like to share now.

First on the knitting front.....I am about half way finished with the hats that I mentioned below. I will probably finish those this weekend. I'll have 5 hours to knit in the car tomorrow, 4 days at my MILs house and then 6 more hours in the car on Monday. I'll post pix of these when I finish. Next up is a scarf for Popeye. That should be a quick knit and I'll post that too in process since I hope to get started on that this weekend. I found a GREAT place to get circular needles (Addi Turbo) for GREAT prices. I did bite the bullet today and paid full price at the LYS for some today to use this weekend.

Next....homeschooling. I'm in the process of re-vamping a few things so that Sweet Pea 1 can work on his own much more than he has been. I haven't updated my curriculum choices in the sidebar, but I will do that soon. I'm changing him over to Singapore Math. I think he is just a "math" kid and would do well with any program. This will allow me to be free more than before. I've also twiddled around with our Spell to Write and Read program to make it almost independent. He'll need me for 5 minutes each day to dictate 5 words to him; the other parts will be on his own. I'm also sidelining Classical Writing-Aesop until Spring or Fall. We will be using Writing Trails in American History by Logos School. This gets my pencil allergic guy working with short models, outlining and rewriting while learning some American History also. He'll be reading much more on his own than he was before too. I think this will work really well for both of us.

Lastly....medical issues. I have been diagnosed at Insulin Resistant. I've "blown out" my "wiring" basically. I'm not diabetic but it COULD happen if I don't do something about it I'm following the Insulin Resistant Diet. So far, so good. This is based on eating every 2-3 hours combining protein and carbs but limiting the number of carbs during that 2 hr period. I've dropped a few pounds and my measurements are falling...mostly around the waist and middle where I've been having problems losing before.

Well....that is about it for now. I'll be on hiatus again until next week.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

What Christmas ornament are you?

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